Magic in Khalathor


Magic in Khalathor is relatively uncommon, but this largely depends on what area one talks about. Much like Hollywood celebrities, magic users are most likely to be found in the large city-centers of Scintar (especially Scintar City, where the College of Wizards is headquartered) and are rarely seen in small rural villages. Wizards are employed by powerful noble families for a variety of reasons, and the College of Wizards has been a political ally of the throne of Scintar for quite some time. It should be noted, however, that the College is technically an independent body, one that could find its political allegiance shift in the future. Magic was more prevalent in the Cantonite Empire than it is in contemporary Khalathor. In particular, the Cantonites had a greater variety of magical items and devices at their disposal. Many of these were lost when that empire fell apart, and it is not entirely uncommon for treasure seekers to come back from the desert to sell magical finds. In Scintar the College regulates magic use, regulation taking the form of licencing, trade regulation, and policing. While illegal, not all wizards are licenced, and there is an underground trade in magic items.

Many magic users are employed in bureaucratic positions of some sort or another. The majority of the population is illiterate, with the highest literacy rates being amongst magic-users and priests. There are, of course, lone wolves who inhabit isolated towers in the countryside or practice entirely in secret while maintaining a separate, public identity. Magic is quite rare in Krullland and the dwarven kingdoms, while the gnomes and Bwollowese are more likely to have friendly magic displayed for the common people as a form of entertainment or assistance.

Most small villages have at least one religious shrine, attended by at least one priest of some denomination or another. Often these priests have access to some small measure of divine power and they typically act as doctor, spiritual advisor, record keeper, and possibly educator all-in-one. Larger centres may have full temples run by a collection of clerics. The majority of the populace trusts divine magic far more readily than arcane magic and religious figures can wield significant influence among the common people.

There are druids who live off the land, but they generally maintain a separate existence from the political machinations of the area. They are often respected by the common folk and ignored by the authorities. Sorcerers do crop up from time to time out of the population, but warlocks are virtually unheard of. Warlocks and half-fiends are likely to be attacked, imprisoned, or outright killed on sight given the recent history of Galdarin.

Magic in Khalathor

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