Scintar (Sin-tar)

The Glorious Kingdom of Scintar, as it is officially called, is alternatively the great bastion of civilization and progress in the west or a haven of corrupt, imperialist scum, depending on who one asks. The lands of Scintar are the most developed of all the human lands of western Khalathor and its capital – Scintar City – is the largest city west of the Empire of Galdarin. Scintar is ruled by a hereditary monarchy. The current monarch, 73 year old King Adolph Gustavus II, is a political schemer with expansionist aims. The Gustavus line has held the throne for over two hundred years, and Adolph’s son Friedrich (aged 45) has been well groomed to take over the throne upon his father’s demise. (Adolph has had a number of rather serious illnesses in the last decade of his life and almost died, twice. In both instances he defied his doctors and regained nearly full health. Since his last bout of pneumonia four years ago he has had a cough he cannot seem to shake.) Friedrich has two younger brothers, Albert (42) and Hans (38), as well as two sisters, Isolde (48) and Isabelle (33). The sisters are married to prominent dukes in Scintar, while Albert and Hans each maintain positions of power within the realm.

Scintar has benefited from its position along the rivers that run along its north and south borders. The farmlands of Scintar are fertile, and a number of cities have swelled to considerable size within the realm. Most goods can be found within Scintar City, which maintains active trade routes with a number of trading hubs. The political structure of Scintar is feudal, with a complex series of dukes, counts, and mayors filtering power down to the local level. While travelling through the countryside one may fully expect to pay any number of tolls, taxes, fees, fares, and tithes. To most outsiders a number of these seem like overt money-grabs thinly veiled with a veneer of legalese; Scintarese officials assure everyone (including their own citizenry) that all money is collected for official purposes and that the entire bureaucracy is closely monitored at all levels to ensure honesty and efficiency. Of course, gifts placed in the right hands may allow certain applications and petitions to be heard before others, but this has no bearing on the ultimate fair application of justice in all matters.

Most recently Scintar has faced an embarrassing conclusion to the Yardolan Rebellion, which many uncouth folk refer to as the “Lady’s War” (much to the displeasure of most anyone of Scintarese disposition). Yardolan was subjugated as a vassal of Scintar 134 years ago after a protracted dispute and war. A condition of this arrangement was that Yardolan was allowed to retain substantial autonomous control of its internal affairs while paying annual tithes to Scintar and having its foreign policy dictated by the throne in Scintar City. However, King Adolph and his father (Adolphus) have pushed a policy of increasing centralization over Yardolan for the last fifty years, with the eventual aim of annexing Yardolan outright. The issue came to a head four years ago when King Marius of Yardolan died of illness without producing a male heir. Marius did, however, have an adult but unmarried daughter, Mariette. According to the laws of Scintar, the line of succession follows only the male bloodline. But the laws of Yardolan allow females to inherit in the event that no direct male heir is alive. After Marius’s death Adolph attempted to swiftly put Duke Thurmbrid on the throne of Yardolan. Thurmbrid is a nephew of Marius (his mother was a half-sister to Marius), is married to Isolde (Adolph’s oldest daughter), and a member of good standing in the court of the King. Against this clear violation of Yardolander autonomy the various vassals of Marius banded together and declared war against the forces of Scintar. It was a protracted war with great cost on both sides, but in the autumn of 1731 the Scintarese finally sued for peace. Yardolan has officially become an independent realm yet again. However, the future of the area is unclear (see the Yardolan entry for further information).


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